I’m an author – how do I set up an interview?

Please go to https://profilecritics.com/pre-register and register an account. It’s free. Once you’ve registered you can list your books and we’ll start the whole process off.

Why do you show 6 books at a time?

The whole point of Profile is to expose new writers – and established ones – to readers. The publishing world can be so narrow, we want to give readers a chance to meet a broad cross-section of the literary world. It’s that serendipity thing – as bookshops disappear, we need a place to browse. So please dip in and see what’s out there.

My favourite author isn’t on here

Please write to us via https://profilecritics.com/contact and tell us who you’d like us to interview. The only promise we can make is that we’ll try! You should also feel free to send us any interview questions you’d like us to put to your favourite author.

There’s a registration page for writers but not for readers – why?

Patience! We’re just getting Profile off the ground, and phase 1 is to draw in a good selection of authors. Readers will have their own area in due course. For the moment, please enjoy the interviews, bookmark the site and enjoy returning. It might seem selfish to start with writers but, frankly, writers aren’t treated all that well – we thought we’d put ourselves first for a change!

What are the long-term plans for Profile?

We’re building Profile out into a reader-focused ezine, with dynamic content. Author interviews are stage one. Book reviews and in-depth articles will follow.

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