Interview with Antoinette McCormick

Author of Tokens of Sleep

I'm a New England based writer and three-time Futhark Award winner by day, RN by night.

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A gathering of small horrors from award-winning author, Antoinette McCormick, including the bonus novelette, 'The Dispossessed.'
- A young widow's gift for manifesting objects she sees in her dreams takes a dark turn when she uses her power to resurrect the dead.
- Lucy, a downtrodden teen, casts a spell to turn her life around, but instead, summons a demonic entity with a startling agenda of its own.
- A paranormal investigation of a haunted lake takes a Lovecraftian turn with the arrival of a troubled stranger.
- On a windy October night, an exclusive cruise leaves Lake George and sails off the charts.
- After a psychic is killed during a ghost hunting expedition, his colleagues turn to a rival group for help. At first, its leader refuses, but when a midnight distress call forces her hand, finds herself face to face with one of Vermont's most murderous ghosts!
And more!