Interview with Chakib Azzaoui

Author of The Hungry Fox a Fable Told in Rhyme

Chakib Azzaoui (goes by the pen name Cole Adams ) makes books for a living. He also reads books, writes books, sells books, shelves books, thinks about books, drives to books, sleeps to books, cooks from books, but he doesn't eat books (which is fortunate). After graduating in commerce university and graphic design school he occupied so many jobs but never felt fulfilled until he started writing. Cole currently lives in Italy where he enjoys planning his books while eating lots of cheese.

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How would you describe The Hungry Fox a fable Told in Rhyme to a new reader?
  • The Hungry Fox a fable Told in Rhyme is a fable through and through but with a twist. Fables teach lessons through talking animals and this one does it all in pleasant rhymes. It's a joy to read or to listen to.
To what extent is The Hungry Fox a fable Told in Rhyme based on your own experiences?
  • Well, I've always been fascinated by books and especially fables with moral lessons to teach. I would say that in children's books it's necessary to educate the young while entertaining them and that's why I did with this little story of the fox who is full of vice but end up virtuous towards the end of the book.
The Hungry Fox a fable Told in Rhyme is a good example of this genre. Who has inspired you?
  • inspiration comes really in different forms. I read a lot and I draw a lot too, so children's books were the logical thing to do for me. Sometimes you'd be surprised how I get my ideas for yeah, anything in life is an inspiration.
You wrote the entire book in rhymes, how did you manage to do so ?
  • The process is very tedious but ultimately the result speaks for itself. I start with a rough draft of the chapter and focus on the keywords related to the characters/lesson in it then I start looking for words that rhyme. If a word is better than the other or has more rhymes I end up using it and changing a whole lot. So writing a chapter takes months at a time.
The Hungry Fox a fable Told in Rhyme has a unique Art style design ? How did you come up with it ?
  • I'm a graphic designer and an artist at heart. Years ago I was in love with 3D modeling and character design; That's what I loved to do before writing. But for my book, I didn't want to use 3D at all so I decided to imitate the feeling of 3D and that's how I came up with this quirky Art style that I can call mine. People seem to love it so it's all good.
What's the hardest part about writing children's books ?
  • I would say definitely marketing them for sure. Because, you know, you're not selling them directly to kids - you're selling them to adults who have kids. So you have to keep that in mind while writing or illustrating and ultimately marketing.
How much did it take you to write and illustrate your book on your own ?
  • It's not easy doing everything alone and it gets harder when you're a perfectionist. Writing and illustrating are two different beasts altogether. Considering that this is my first book and that I spent some time planning the series, not just the one book I'd say it took me three years from start to finish. Definitely more time than any children's book author would tell you.
If you had one wish for 'The Hungry Fox a fable Told in Rhyme' what would it be ?
  • For it to be read in schools. I think teachers would love how the book reads and kids would be 100% pleased. I'm sure of it.
How have readers responded to The Hungry Fox a fable Told in Rhyme?
  • So far so good. Everyone who read the book or listened to it as an audiobook absolutely loved it. I haven't had any negative feedback. The illustrations are the crowd pleasers.
Where next? What are you working on now?
  • I'm working on two sequels to this book. I have this great idea for a trilogy so I'll see where it'll take me. I hope I can continue getting by as an author, I have so many stories to share.
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◆ A fox’s quest to search for food turns out to be a life-changing lesson in how to be good.◆

Follow the mischievous Fox in his adventure and enjoy reading about his many encounters with his virtuous neighbours that do not only speak but love to rhyme.

Playful storytelling, musical dialogues, entertaining situations, moral lessons, uniquely designed characters, and colourful scenery are all guaranteed to make you go back to the first page every-time you finish the book.

An instant classic! ★★★★★

With 7 captivating chapters spread over more than 4 pages each, opening and closing poems, and a special longer chapter with the wisest animal of the bunch, long moments of literary fun await.

A poetic and enchanting tale written and illustrated both for children of all ages and adults alike.

The Hungry Fox™ Children's book by Cole Adams is the first title of a series of many books to come.