Interview with David Mayo

Author of Bad Vibe

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How would you describe Bad Vibe to a new reader?
  • It is about a secret government think tank that is trying to tap into Zero Point Energy via a vibrational wormhole. Everything changes when a man, groomed to become more than he is, suddenly gains access to alien technology. The result endangers an innocent world and provokes homicidal rage from another. It culminates in a battle at a secret military base.
To what extent is Bad Vibe based on your own experiences?
  • None really, other than my interests in ZPE and my love of science fiction.
Bad Vibe is a good example of this genre. Who has inspired you?
  • My first experience with Sci-fi was Robert Heinlein. This has influenced my writing in this genre.
Where did you get the idea for this novel?
  • An article in Popular Science on the various aspects of possible wormhole technology first peaked my interest. The ZPE modules used in the TV show Stargate:SG1 built upon this and I finally sat down and wrote it.
What advice would you give to aspiring authors? How would you advise a new author about traditional publishing versus self publishing?
  • I would suggest that first time authors always shoot for self publishing first. Once you have a second book under your belt, you could consider other avenues.
Which authors do you most admire? Which qualities, in particular, have influenced your writing?
  • For science fiction, I am old school. Heinlein, Asimov, Bradbury and the like. For horror (my other main genre) I, of course, love KIng, Koontz, but also Jeff Strand, Ian Rob Wright, J.A. Konrath and many others. Fact is, once the Kindle came out, I rapidly expanded my roster of favorite authors.
Bad Vibe is a thrilling read, with a real whiz-bang third act. How important was it to you to write with pace and energy?
  • That is hard to answer. Once I am in the zone, the pace stays high. This being my first novel, I was concerned that the first act was a little slow, then I realized that character development often requires this. I am happy with the results.
How hesitant were you to tackle this first novel?
  • Honestly, I was very unsure of myself when I began. Putting oneself out there for all to see is disconcerting. It is however easier than speaking in front of an audience, which I never could do. My advice is to just do it. You hear it all the time; just write, but it is true.
How have readers responded to Bad Vibe?
  • Being a first novel and knowing that I had not written the Great American Novel, I did not expect a large response. I have received a handful of reviews, all positive but sales (other than free promotions) are minimal. The fact is that you should not expect major movement with your first book. You must continue to write and produce more product. I have a second and third novel that are out there and a forth just beginning. Never stop. That is the trick.
Where next? What are you working on now?
  • All three of my novels, Bad Vibe, Idimmu and Portal have been published wide through Draft2Digital. All three are available at 12 different outlets, including Amazon. I have begun to write my forth novel, Duster, and hope to publish in early 2020.
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During the mid-1940s, an anomalous incident occurs in the southwest United States which starts a chain of events that will explode eighty years later.
Clayton Atwood is an academic dilettante, bouncing between college courses, unconcerned with scholastic advancement or degrees. Orphaned by what he assumed was his parent’s accidental death, he is raised by his eccentric uncle. His plans for a carefree trip to Europe are interrupted by a note taped to his front door that changes not only his life, but the world’s future.
In an unassuming building adjacent to Rice University in Houston, Atwood learns that all he knew of his past is wrong when he becomes the center of an astounding scientific project that will help all mankind. But the project inadvertently places one peaceful alien civilization in jeopardy, and attracts genocidal hatred and retribution from another, while making Atwood the target of a ruthless assassin.
Atwood finds himself to be humanity’s secret weapon in the fight for survival. At a secret Nevada military base, the fate of three civilizations hangs in the balance.