Interview with Kamara Campbell

Author of Blinded By Witchcraft

My name is Kamara Campbell. I am a devout follower of Christ, wife, mother, photographer/videographer, and of course a writer. With the books I write, I inspire to bring forth truth in a new but sound doctrinal way.

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How would you describe Blinded By Witchcraft to a new reader?
  • Blinded by Witchcraft is a very suspenseful, exciting read that would capture high school students as well as believers on whatever stage of faith they are in.
What was the inspiration behind Blinded by Witchcraft ?
  • Even though this book is fiction and all the characters are made up, the inspiration came from what I have seen in the church, what I have heard, as well what I have experienced. At one point I was blinded by manipulation/control even though so many people could see it. It wasn't until the Lord opened my eyes that I ended up seeing the truth. So many Christians are being controlled and they don't even realize it. My focus is to show that truth in a fun but yet biblical way.
You said earlier that this would be for high school students. Why them?
  • Well since some of the things I went through was while I was in college, I just decided to change it to a lower age. Especially since most high school students are still trying to find their way of who they are in life.
What is Witchcraft?
  • Witchcraft is basically manipulation/control. Usually people associate that word with witches and magic but in the end all they are still using is some sort of manipulation on someone.
What advice would you give to aspiring authors? How would you advise a new author about traditional publishing versus self publishing?
  • I would say if you have the money then go for traditional publishing. They can give you greater insight as well as helping you with exposing your work to the market. Also if you don't have the funds then don't let it stop you because self publishing would be the way to go. At the end of it all one should pray and seek the Lord on what route to take regardless of the income you have.
What's your writing process?
  • Typically the Lord places on my heart on what to write. After some prayer and seeking him for answers I begin by voice recording myself. I have nothing written down until I am down recording and then I write down what I said.
Which character in Blinded by Witchcraft has had the greatest impact on readers?
  • Man! I am not sure if I could choose just one character. I truly believe Charmaine and her roommate Kristina would have the biggest impact on the readers. Simply because Charmaine represents the newly founded Christian who is getting their feet in the faith. Kristina represents the Christian who admires a leader so much that they don't question their "fruit" or even what they are teaching them.
If Blinded by Witchcraft were to be adapted for TV or film, who would you see in the lead role? Who did you have in your mind’s eye when you wrote him/her?
  • If this turned into a show or a movie I think I would just be great-full that it even got that far! I have no idea who I would have play the lead role.
How have readers responded to Blinded by Witchcraft?
  • As more reviews come in I will be sharing them but here is the current response!

    By Blair Gyamfi: "Really enjoyed this book. It really showed a lot of the pitfalls a new believer can experience and how even the churched” can be at risk if they look to man instead of understanding the word of God for themselves."
Where next? What are you working on now?
  • I am actually currently working on a movie script but in my files there are four other works that will be touched on eventually.
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Charmaine Powell is your average popular high school student who enjoys partying and having fun. After watching her best friend die at a local party, Charmaine's parents transfer her to Champions of the Yard; a private academy. There she meets her roommate, Kristina, who immediately bombards her with questions regarding her faith. Escaping her roommate, Charmaine heads out with a group of guys who lead her into trouble, but she is quickly rescued by Kristina and the school janitor.

Curiously, Charmaine begins to ask Kristina about her faith and tries to understand what makes her so different. This leads her into joining a local Bible study on campus that many people have warned her about. Her encounters with the Bible study members, particularly the teacher, in the beginning seems wonderful, but looks suspicious. Will Charmaine be able to escape the Bible study and see what is really going on?