Interview with Antoinette McCormick

Author of The Idoron

I'm a New England based writer and three-time Futhark Award winner by day, RN by night.

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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo meets Night of the Living Dead in this dystopian thriller!

Saisei Era Japan: a nation decimated by fallout from centuries of biochemical warfare. Here, Renata Darkfell makes her living by killing Kufugaki, those afflicted with nokuru, a disease that turns them into mindless cannibals. But in a world where being infirm and growing old are crimes, Renata has been keeping a secret, and when Dr. Mazawa, leader of Saisei Era Japan, unearths it, he threatens to kill Renata and those she loves, unless she kills his old rival, Dr. Yomichi, and steals his invention, a formidable weapon known only as the Idoron.

Forced to do his bidding and with only seven days to complete the task, Renata reluctantly sets out, dodging soldiers and Kufugaki at every turn, until she is intercepted at a remote outpost by Kei, a special agent of Mazawa's. Sent to ensure Renata's success in her mission, the handsome Kei has secrets of his own and a young stowaway about his spacecraft. As they journey to Yomichi's Aokigahara stronghold, Renata discovers the shocking truth about the Idoron and why she must never let it fall into Mazawa's hands.

Desperate to elude Kei, Renata ultimately finds herself lost and injured in Aokigahara. There, she meets the enigmatic Jo, a strange man with an even stranger ability... A man who might share a strong connection to Renata's past and be her only hope in defeating the brutal Mazawa!