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Gillian Godden Author of Gangland Books."I have always loved reading. On my weekly visit to my local library, where they hold a book club they were advertising a competition to write your own story. Any story, using any genre. The prize would be a weekend trip on the P&O ferry to Amsterdam or fifty pounds. I wrote Francesca. Sitting with my friend Toni one night and drinking a cheap bottle of Lambrini wine I had my name for my character: Tony Lambrianu. I submitted my story to the competition- and did not win. However, a couple of my friends at the NHS, and my neighbours had read it and encouraged me to carry on and see were it led. I got involved with a vanity publisher and was taken for a ride! They hadn't edited it properly and my name was barely seen. To rectify it was going to cost me money I didn't have so I published bits of the book in book groups on social media and was amazed by the response. I'd thought the manuscript was going to sit on my computer forever and no one would read it, but the majority of people responded well and so I self-published.

"Readers were interested in my main character: Tony, the glamorous gangland boss. Some fell in love with him. But they wanted to know his background and how he had become the man he was. I had originally written another story Antonius, which was never going to see daylight. I split it in half as it was a long story and they became Francesca and Dangerous Games: the prequel depicting Tony's childhood up to when Tony meets Francesca one steamy night at a Christmas party, which became Nasty Business.

"I work as a doctors receptionist at the local health centre, close to where I live. I've experienced a lot of support in the writing community and have seen my titles flourish under the microscope that is Amazon. The only part of writing I find difficult is the promotion. Bloggers help authors to market, advertise, and publicise our wares, but I'd far rather be writing them.

"I live in Yorkshire with my dog Susie. Walking her around the park after ten-hour shifts clears my head and allows me to plot ideas. The best murderous plans come to me this way. My son, Robert, lives in London. I'd love to move back there someday.why not follow my website

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How would you describe NASTY BUSINESS to a new reader?
  • Two friends jake and Tony. on a fantastic journey into the gangland underworld and ruling it.Opening their west end night club with pole dancers and grabbing their success with both hands. lots of humour but full of action. This is just one of it's five star reviews.Was so looking forward to this book, and wasn’t disappointed .

    Two lads, or rather men now, have the world at their feet.

    Tony and Jake own their club, and now they’ve bought another business to work on too.
    Of course, this all takes off so that means, more pictures in the papers of Tony and the club.

    They collect money from the pubs, as they’re still offering protection.
    However, we know what could still happen though.

    They earn a fortune, yet Tony is still looking for something else to keep his interest. He’s still sleeping around. Jake is married.

    I had to laugh about a few things at the club. There were some very funny characters in this story, who knew their stuff.

    Loved this story and would like to see Tony meeting the girl of his dreams, if that’s at all possible.
What was the inspiration behind <NASTY BUSINESS> ?
  • This is part two in the lambrianu series. now in his 20-30's the world is at tony and jakes feet. their next step on their journey.
Which authors do you admire? How have they influenced your writing style?
  • Martina cole. margaret Atwood
Can you tell us a little about the locations in your book?
  • London. east and west end
What advice would you give to aspiring authors? How would you advise a new author about traditional publishing versus self publishing?
  • get a good editor
What's your writing process?
  • i always start with a note pad and pen. always at hand and dont have to wait to switch on while the ideas burn in my head.
Which character in NASTY BUSINESS has had the greatest impact on readers?
If NASTY BUSINESS were to be adapted for TV or film, who would you see in the lead role? Who did you have in your mind’s eye when you wrote him/her?
How have readers responded to NASTY BUSINESS
  • Excellent! over a hundrred reviews.
Where next? What are you working on now?
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Tony Lambrianu is bold, daring and ruthless, qualities that have propelled him and Jake Sinclair up the ladder in London’s sleazy but lucrative underworld.

And, now that he’s running a fancy West End nightclub, Tony has new-found celebrity status – with a never-ending string of gorgeous women on his arm, he’s become the darling of the tabloids. However, despite his success, he still feels he lacks the respect he deserves and the status he desires. The little boy who lived on the streets is never far away.

Desperate for recognition, he’s driven to achieve more and more. Most of all, he craves the acceptance of Ralph Gold and to become a bigger part of his extensive web of organised crime.

Fearlessly facing up to enemies, winning battles and becoming the undisputed bosses of the London underworld can be a nasty business, but it’s the only business Tony and Jake know. And they’ll stop at nothing to succeed.