Interview with Greg Dragon

Author of The Judas Cypher

Greg Dragon brings a fresh perspective to fiction by telling human stories of life, love, and relationships in a science fiction setting. This unconventional author spins his celestial scenes from an imagination nurtured from being an avid reader himself. His exposure to multiple cultures, religions, martial arts and travel lends a unique dynamic to his stories. You can enjoy excerpts from his work by visiting his website at

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How would you describe The Judas Cypher to a new reader?
  • The Judas Cypher takes place in a futuristic Tampa Bay, and is your classic, gritty noir, where a detective finds a body and has to investigate it. Our lead man is big bad black dude, and he's a skiptracer, or mercenary who works exclusively for the police. It's a wild ride.
To what extent is The Judas Cypher based on your own experiences?
  • Not much, with the exceptions of the guns and gun-play. The weapons in the book are based on real versions, so the shootouts and fights should feel authentic.
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Dhata Mays has become used to living on the fringes. Unlike most of humanity, the detective treats the synth population with the respect they deserve. But when a gruesome murder points to a synth as the perpetrator, Dhata must do everything in his power to discover an explanation before the case goes public.

In a race against time, Dhata discovers a scheme involving cypher hackers, synth prostitutes, and a pair of rival gang bosses that could tear the city apart. When the case puts his loved ones in harm’s way, the investigation becomes personal. For Dhata to keep the uneasy peace, he’ll have to track down the murderers himself, but no one said he had to take them alive.