Interview with Sherrie Lynn

Author of Every Blue Moon

The author of three series and two novels.

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How would you describe, Every Blue Moon
  • World famous Sakira Kelly is convinced, a good man come around every blue moon. When she meets detective Avery Louis, she's convinced he's too good to be true.
To what extent is, Every Blue Moon, based on your own experiences?
  • Discovering the differences between married people and singles. it is a blessing to find someone you can live with, but this don't happen for everyone, thus creating a different outlook on life.
Why novellas?
  • After two novels, a long short story is less involved and can finish it faster, not by much lol.
You make good use of locations in the book – there’s a real sense of place. Are these locations significant for you?
  • I was into the idea of living in a small town when I started this book.
What about the Agency?
  • The Agency connect this three book suspense series.
Who is the Agency?
  • Good question. With each book, we learn more about who the Agency is.
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Detective Avery Louis and well known, Sakira Kelly meet with a mutual instant attraction, but something isn’t right. She begins to wonder if Avery Louis is the man he really says he is. If his job is as honorable as he claims, she wanted in. Book One.