Interview with Josef Peeters

Author of Dumped

Josef Peeters lives in a small town in NSW, Australia where he owns and runs a caravan park with his wife. Josef writes in multiple fiction genres including; sci-fi, thriller, action/adventure, romance and has a series of three volumes outlining his woodcarving history.

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What more can you reveal about the story of Dumped to the potential reader?
  • A man undergoes profound psychological changes as a result of isolation, physical pain, and emotional distress. Unfettered by the distractions of everyday life in the city, his mind is left to ferment the negative into more than was ever intended, capable of actions far beyond his perceptions. Ultimately, only a mirror of his brutality will bring his conscience to bear.
What other genres does Dumped fall into other than fiction?
  • Action, adventure, a touch of mystery, and a healthy twist in the plot to keep the reader engaged.
Aside from Amazon, is Dumped available elsewhere?
  • Dumped is available through all major on-line bookstores.
What are you working on at present?
  • With my editor is my latest book, Black Heart, a psychological thriller. It will be available in late 2019.
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Nothing takes the fun out of a vacation faster than a plane crash. Except for a confession of infidelity just before the oxygen masks drop. Read DUMPED to see who survives.