Interview with Simon carr

Author of Space and stuff 3

satirical science fiction writer from Blackburn in the north of England.

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How would you describe space and stuff 3 to a new reader?
  • It's a grand finish, my first 4 books were all leading up to this big ending, I brought everyone together, from all the different universes, to fight against, reality itself.
What was the inspiration behind space and stuff 3 ?
  • the main concept is the simulation theory, that is the idea that we are not living in reality, but inside a computer simulation, the fascinating thing with that for me is, if this is a simulation, then what does reality look like?
Which authors do you admire? How have they influenced your writing style?
  • I like George Orwell and Arther c Clark, my favorite writer is Steven Moffat, who has written a lot of successful tv shows, including my favourite dr who.
Can you tell us a little about the locations in your book?
  • Well, everywhere, the story is about the multiverse and reality itself, but most of it takes place in some of my favorite locations and planets from previous books.
    Reality does make an appearance, but I can't ruin it for you by describing it.
What advice would you give to aspiring authors? How would you advise a new author about traditional publishing versus self publishing?
  • I'd say not to expect too much, treat it as your hobby and just write for the enjoyment of writing, there are a lot of very talented authors out there, who cant give their very good books away, it's a very difficult thing to succeed in.
What's your writing process?
  • I walk around in a daydream most of the time, I just write down the best parts of my daydreams when I get home and build my storys around them.
Which character in space and stuff 3 has had the greatest impact on readers?
  • Dave is the most central character in the series, so I suppose, he is the one that readers gravitate to the most.
If space and stuff 3 were to be adapted for TV or film, who would you see in the lead role? Who did you have in your mind’s eye when you wrote him/her?
  • Well, I suppose the lead is Dave as most of the story revolves around him, I always imagined Dave as Carl pilkington.
How have readers responded to space and stuff 3 ?
  • so far, very positively, they seem to like the ending very much.
Where next? What are you working on now?
  • A slight change of direction, I am trying a comedy horror next called, big fat sweaty death bats, with horns.
    I have written a lot of sci-fi in the last two years and just fancy trying something slightly different.
    I have an idea for a story and i am looking forward to starting again, with something a bit different.
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Exsistance in chaos.
Reality unfolding.
Gods being forged.
Confused chickens,
And spicy hot wings!