Interview with Mike Coville

Author of Lasso

Mike Coville is the author of the science fiction series Deep Space Mining. When not writing science fiction he writes code, reads books, and watches YouTube videos about history. Living in Central Florida gives him the chance to follow the space industry closely, like watching Falcon 9 rockets in the sky from his front yard kind of close. Stay in touch by following him here on Amazon or go to and sign up for his email newsletter.

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How would you describe Lasso to a new reader?
  • The reader gets to experience a political thriller set in the future where mining asteroids is the industry of power.
To what extent is Lasso based on practical science?
  • The concept of asteroid mining is a real viable industry in the near future. I try to use as much real world science, even though most is theoretical at this point, but I mix in some classic scifi tropes to keep it light enough for all readers.
Lasso is a good example of this genre. Who has inspired you?
  • My story is influenced by Isaac Asimov and Tom Clancy. The futurism of Asimov and the political games of Clancy mix so well in my world.
Tell us about your use of location
  • Although my locations are futuristic, it is the locations that bring excitement. From the crew on the surface of asteroids to the residents of the lunar community. It is these unreal locations that transport the reader to the future.
What advice would you give to aspiring authors?
  • Tell your story. Don't try to fit in pre-defined genres or categories. Write your story and let the readers decide.
Which authors do you most admire? Which qualities, in particular, have influenced your writing?
  • Isaac Asimov's ability to make the future feel familiar. Tom Clancy's way of putting the reader in the middle of world saving situations. Also, the world building of Christopher Paolini and Chris Fox influenced me.
Lasso has real pace - how do you achieve this?
  • I keep my chapters short so the reader never feels too far away from the next exciting scene.
How would you advise a new author about traditional publishing versus self publishing?
  • This comes to if you are an entrepreneur or not. If you are willing to manage the publishing side of your book self-publishing is a wonderful opportunity. There are many things you need to be able to manage, like marketing, editing, beta readers, cover design, and so on that are in addition to writing. If that isn't your thing, then getting a publisher to help with it might be better for you.
How have readers responded to Lasso?
  • Because I have a large cast every reader has come away with a favorite character. I enjoy hearing how one of my characters has earned a fan.
Where next? What are you working on now?
  • Lasso is book 1 in the Deep Space Mining Series, which will have 5 books total. After that I plan to tackle Military Science Fiction next year.
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A suspicious accident, a prized asteroid, and a game of politics to decide who rules the galaxy. Someone’s making a power play, but who?

Captain Greg Daniels of the DSM Boone is a handful of asteroids away from retiring when his plans are threatened by an explosion on his ship. With the risk of another more lethal attack, Greg must locate the source of the explosion or he’ll lose more than the priceless rock he just obtained - he’ll lose his life.

On the Lunar Community, Final Frontier Mining Director David Rivera has his sights set on become Prime Minister of the ISC. His hopes rest on ace miner, Daniels, bringing in the most profitable asteroid in the company's history to keep himself in the spotlight. But when he discovers a conspiracy to destroy his company and put a stop to his political aspirations, David must hunt down his mysterious hacker while trying to save Greg, DSM Boone, and the asteroid it has secured.

One man fights for survival in deep space, another on the moon, but is there someone else pulling the strings of both? Only if they can work together, will they find the answers they need to survive.