Interview with Shobana Gomes

Author of The Goddess of the Himavan

Hello, my name is Shobana Gomes, a poet, and writer from Malaysia. I have my books published on Amazon and am the owner of an online Ebook store, Shobana's Book Station,
My website address is
I have an affinity with nature. As such, I incorporate nature's intricate beauty and magnificence in every story that I conceive. I love traveling and apart from that, I create poetic memorabilia for special occasions.

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Why did you title the book "The Goddess of the Himavan?"
  • The Goddess of the Himavan watches over land, mountains, and seas.
    In this fabled story, Harinder is the son of the mountains having lived there his whole life. The spirits of the mountain help him escape from the rubble caused by an avalanche while his family perishes in its aftermath.
    When Harinder is given a monumental task by the Maharaja of the Kingdom of Hintrupate to prosper a barren land, he has a strange dream about a flautist and the nightingale. The Goddess of the Himavan blesses the land through the flautist on Harinder's first night of stay there. I thought mysticism and intrigue follow a title like The Goddess of the Himavan and titled the book as such.
    It is a story for all, a fable with ancient literature and classical wisdom endowed.
How did you come up with the story of the flautist and the nightingale?
  • The land that the Maharaja promises Harinder is a barren land. I needed to create a character with a magical illusion like a pied-piper. The nightingale was a witness to his extraordinary acts of awakening a slumberous land. He blesses the land to prosper, hence why Harinder triumphs in the challenge to gain ownership of the land.
    The flautist and the nightingale were an illusion that came to me while writing the story.
    The flautist and the nightingale created the magic in the story.
How has the story impacted readers so far?
  • I think The Goddess of the Himavan did remarkably well in ratings. I have received good reviews about the way the story is written. It was Amazon's No.1 best-selling new release under Ancient and Classical Literature, and one of my top-selling books. You have to read it to know in-depth about the literary level of the written word. It was a challenge to write the book and it paid off with my readers loving the way it turned out.
Can you tell us which location you write of in this story?
  • I write of the Hindu Kingdom in the land of an ancient heritage. A story that unfolds in the era of kings and commoners. There are many ancient lands that give credence to the Hindu religion. I have not stated a specific land nor have I made specific reference to the religion in detail. It is a setting that I used to tell a story due to the characteristics of the Maharajas and Kingdoms of an age-old era.
What advice would you give to aspiring authors?
  • Write anything that comes to mind. Write with fervor and enthusiasm and most of all love for the craft. You will be surprised how your stories unfold in time. Never, ever be discouraged.
What's your writing process?
  • I wake up in the morning and write down my thoughts and that gives me leverage about what I need to write about during the day. I have an Ebook blog, Shobana's Book Station, and I am busy writing everyday stories to add to my list of books.
Which character in The Goddess of the Himavan has had the greatest impact on readers?
  • Harinder will come off the winner when impacting my readers. He is humble, intelligent, and wise.
Where next? What are you working on now?
  • I am all excited about the next novel that I am working on. I can't reveal the details yet. I can't stop writing:) So, you will have to let me have your thoughts once it is published.
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A young peasant by the name of Harinder lost his family in an avalanche up in the mountains. After an arduous time trying to escape the rubble and stones, he manages to make his way to the Kingdom of Hintrupate, wedged between a hidden valley and a veiled part of the mountain.

As he enters the Kingdom, he hears someone singing. The melodious voice enraptures him and he follows its trail which leads him to the beautiful Princess Marianetta, a woman of great valor, strength, generosity, and love.

Unknown to him, she Is the adopted daughter of the Maharaja of Hintrupate's son, Prince Abuvaya.

He sees her bathing in the river with two other maidens. He watches them from afar while listening to the lovely maiden sing, and feeling tired falls asleep in his hidden spot.

Harinder is summoned to the palace the next day.

Read what happens when Harinder enters the palace grounds. How he meets the King who issues a challenge to prosper a barren land, so he can become a subject of the mighty Kingdom. Will Harinder be able to succeed in doing the almost impossible and reap the profits of the land?

He falls in love with the beautiful princess. It goes against the Kingdom's law for a commoner like him to harbor feelings for royalty. Would his love for the princess get him into trouble with the King? Would the princess love him in return?

Then there is the dream Harinder had about the flautist and the nightingale...