Interview with Jutta Kopp

Author of The Book of Destiny

Jutta Kopp is an author and photoshop tinkerer. She loves to create her own book covers and artwork related to her books. She also creates her own music, just for fun! Born to a Korean mother and a German father she is bilingual and fluent in English and German. She also speaks Korean and Japanese and a little French. Besides being an author she works as a health advisor and instructor for horseback riding and hippotherapy. Of course, horses are still her passion but she is also well versed in martial arts and just loves anything that has to do with the paranormal.

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How would you describe The Book of Destiny to a new reader?
  • It´s a Q&A book.A funny little game to take your mind off things or when you are with friends and family to have some fun.
    But I also wanted to create something my readers can use if they had a long and tiring day or are in a bad mood to open up and just play around with. It´s motivational quotes are meant to act like a small pick-me-up.
What was the inspiration behind The Book of Destiny ?
  • The idea came to me when I was with my friends one evening.After a girls night out we were sitting together and no one wanted to go to sleep but there was just nothing fun to do.One of us suggested to get the Ouija Board to just have something to do.However one of my friends is a real scaredy-cat so we passed.
    That´s when I thought, what if there were something like a book you could ask questions and get answers from just to have some fun.^^ To get the little spooky effect I sealed a mysterious being inside it. Is it an angel or a demon or something else entirely? No one can say for sure. All that is known is that it carries powerful magic and helps people to find their way.
Can you tell us a little about the locations in your book?
  • No locations.Well it has been said that the book has been smuggled out of The Department´s Library...
What advice would you give to aspiring authors? How would you advise a new author about traditional publishing versus self publishing?
  • I would just say go for it!To build a fan base before contacting a traditional publisher try self publishing and see how it goes.
What's your writing process?
  • The writing process for this particular book was actually quite fun.
    I had to think of a lot of motivational quotes and wherever I was going ,I always had something to make notes with me, because they tended to pop up in my head at the oddest times.So I had a lot of loose papers cluttering my desk.
    Then there was the formatting which was a little bit more tricky to get it right.The editing was a little bit easier one quote at a time ;) .
How have readers responded to The Book of Destiny?
  • Quite well actually.
    I got a 4 star rating on goodreads. I was happy to hear that she had fun with her friends playing with the book during break times.
Where next? What are you working on now?
  • A little guidebook for children who have their very first horseback riding lesson and for parents who never had something to do with horses but want some advice first.

    Then of course the second Book in my "The Department" series .
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This question and answer book is intended to be motivational and it will inspire you and be a guide to you for difficult questions and situations you find yourself in during everyday life.
You can use it alone or with friends and family just to have some fun!
It is not your average novel to just sit down and read trough. You will have to actively participate. Place your hand over the book then concentrate hard and when you feel ready, ask your question. Then open the book at a random page and your question will be answered. Don´t be shy, you can ask it multiple times.