Interview with Keith D Guernsey

Author of On the Road to Remission

I am a retired sales executive turned author. My books can be found at;

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What made you start writing?
  • To leave a legacy for my son and grandson
What do you think of when you think about your readers?
  • That if I can overcome the life obstacles that have been placed in front of me (in my case cancer, brain surgery and obesity), so can they!
Do you have a constant reader like Stephen King or do you write for a friend/loved one?
  • For my family
Do you have a writing process/formula, or is it more random?
  • Yes, When I am in writing mode, I have this kindle by my side at all times
Have you tried other formats like articles/screenplays/plays etc, or do you stick to novels?
  • Yes, I write articles for The RAC Magazine, Voxlit and guestpost.
Where do your ideas come from?
  • Real life experiences. I write non-fiction.
When it comes to marketing and promotion, how do you approach this area
  • Social media, radio interviews, book signings, local author fairs
About what would you most like to chat with your favorite author?
  • Just did! We had the privilege of having Terry Kay come speak to our writers group here at Cresswind
Where do you see yourself in five years? What is coming up for you, new book/project wise
  • I just finished my third book. It is entitled "Overcoming the Odds", and is about my triumphs over cancer, brain surgery (X2) and obesity.
Is there anything you’d like to add?
  • Thank you for this opportunity and please feel free to visit us on the web at;
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"Mr. Guernsey is an accomplished writer who detail exceedingly well his life experiences and his resilience and faith in battling several traumatic incidents in his life. We can learn a deal in reading this powerful rendition of coping with what Life brings our way. Kudos to a fine piece of writing! A book to share with your friends who may be going through trials of their own."