Interview with preeti G

Author of 22 Poems On Love and Life!: Memoirs and Reflections

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A beautiful heart-rending collection of poems about human emotions of joy, sorrow, triumph, love and pain. Hugely drawn from my own personal experiences in life, it is a true tribute to life in all its beauty.

While ‘Mother, my ode to you’, conveys how a mother continues to guide and inspire her child in every way in life’s struggles, ‘Strength’ lifts up the downcast spirit with life’s historical triumphs and wins. ‘Break free’ is about the dark vicissitudes of practical life and how the protagonist wants freedom from life’s falsities and hypocrisies. ‘Thinking of you, my love’ is about the love-filled thoughts kindled for the beloved while in ‘He comes..’ the protagonist wonders if she really deserves the new-found love in her life and doubts her destiny which has been unkind to her earlier. Quite on the same lines of ‘He comes..’ is ‘She espies..’ where she doubts her waning beauty in attracting her man, preferring to languish for him in her dreams.