Interview with Marc Blair

Author of Warring Lives: Beyond The Crossroads

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How would you describe Warring Lives: Beyond the Crossroads to a new reader?
  • I would describe it as a unique action filled, adventure experience full of surprises! It takes you from one place to the next, and let's the characters lead the story, so you can plop right in and be in the story right there with the characters!
What was the inspiration behind Warring Lives: Beyond the Crossroads?
  • I was inspired by life itself, but to be more specific I was inspired by my idealistic views on things, as well as my own personality and people I know. The book is an expression and a sharing of many wild, wacky ideas in my head, and a particular thought process.
What's your writing style like?
  • My writing style is very character driven, where I really only try to narrate what is necessary to keep the story moving, and let the characters lead the way.
Can you tell us a little about the locations in your book?
  • All I can say about this, is that it'll take people for a whirlwind! One location will not be what's expected throughout!
What advice would you give to aspiring authors?
  • My advice would be this. Stop waiting for everything to be perfect and lined up. I made this mistake for years, and it amounted to nothing but wasted time and frustration. I'm not advocating doing a sorry job on your story and releasing it, by no means, but if you gave it your all, and did all the necessary steps you can think of, then step out on faith! Not perfect doesn't mean terrible! I really hope I'm preaching to someone today hahaha!
What's your writing process?
  • My writing process consists of finding a comfortable spot to write, where that sunlight hits my body and the room just right! I don't want to sit in the dark! I'm not a vampire! Then I plug in my headphones, get some music going, set up my writing software, then jam out! I just start writing, and get into a flow! I don't worry about grammar and all that other stuff until I get the creative juices out, and then once a chapter is finished, I will go back and fix issues. I just honestly like to have fun with my writing, and make it like a lively event or music concert, where the creativity abundantly overflows!
Which character in Warring Lives: Beyond the Crossroads has had the greatest impact on you?
  • To be honest, I don't have a specific character because I like them all! Even the disgusting, nasty, diabolical ones! I know it's not fair because I'm their creator, but I just personally know all these characters like the back of my hand. I just like and love people in general, and don't carry hate in my heart even to those who hate me! I'm always looking for the positive, or the bright side in anybody no matter how evil they are, and that just translates over into how I see my characters too! They all have the greatest impact on me! I learn and connect with them all!
Who did you have in your mind’s eye when you wrote the main character?
  • I had myself in mind, but only part of myself. Let me explain. I took an aspect of my personality that I wanted to carry this book, and that would best reflect what the main theme of the story is. I just took that personality aspect, put it into a character, and maxed it out onto a whole new level, where it's a completely different person. I did this with several characters. You know yourself better than anyone else after all right!
How have readers responded to your story?
  • Everyone mostly responds in the same way hahaha! They're shocked by the imagery of certain scenes, as well as surprised at many different turns and taken for a loop! They also really connect with the characters, especially the lead.
Where next? What are you working on now?
  • Next up on the list, It's time for book number two! I wanted to get this first book out the way before I jumped on to the next one. I mean you got to finish your first plate before you can get a second? The horizon is looking bright for me, and I pray it's the same for all of you!
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