Interview with Dean Rasmussen

Author of Stone Hill: Shadows Rising

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How would you describe "Stone Hill: Shadows Rising" to a new reader?
  • A fun, supernatural thriller similar to early Stephen King or Dean Koontz with some H.P. Lovecraft mixed in.
To what extent is "Stone Hill: Shadows Rising" based on your own experiences?
  • Very little, thank God! My characters encounter some pretty wild events and I'm happy I didn't go through what they went through. That's what makes reading so much fun! I grew up in a small Minnesota town, so the lack of adventures fed my wild imagination.
Which authors do you most admire?
  • Stephen King and Ernest Hemingway inspired me the most. I also love many others, not necessarily in the horror or supernatural thriller genre. I love to read books that set me on a wild adventure.
How long did it take you to write "Stone Hill: Shadows Rising"?
  • From the initial concept to publishing it on the Amazon KDP platform, it took one year. I wrote six drafts.
What is your process for writing?
  • I use dictation, usually on my cellphone or at my computer, then I transcribe that. Using that transcription as a basis for the first draft, I begin the second draft. After the third draft I'm usually comfortable with showing it to someone for feedback.
What skills have helped you most to be a writer?
  • I studied English and Computer Animation. The two don't seem compatible, but they are. The rhythm of words connect writing, music, and visual arts in many ways. Those are three areas I've studied over the years and they complement each other.
"Stone Hill: Shadows Rising" is a thrilling read, a real page turner. How important was it to you to write with pace and energy?
  • I want to make this series a fun ride for the reader, first and foremost. I want the reader to experience the same thrills I do when reading Stephen King or watching a movie like Evil Dead. I want them to go on a roller coaster ride in their mind.
Would you like to see "Stone Hill: Shadows Rising" adapted for TV or film?
  • Of course! Sam Raimi could direct and I'm sure there's a part for Bruce Campbell too.
How have readers responded to "Stone Hill: Shadows Rising"?
  • I've gotten a very positive response! Even if horror isn't your thing, this series is more supernatural thriller than horror. If you like Stephen King novels, then you should enjoy this one.
Where next? What are you working on now?
  • I'm currently working on Book 2 in the Stone Hill series and I have plans for at least a Book 3. So plenty more thrilling adventures soon! I'm also planning to release a book of short stories sometime in the near future.
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In the vein of Stephen King, Dean Koontz, or H. P. Lovecraft.

A subterranean horror thriller full of monsters, suspense and mystery.

Shadows creep beneath the sleepy, small town of Stone Hill.

Michael came to visit his grandparents, but the home he once knew has changed beyond recognition. A demigod church leader is in control and performs bizarre miracles to a congregation all dressed in white. His followers patrol the streets by day. Phantoms roam the woods by night. People vanish without a trace. Michael wants to go home, but now his grandfather has disappeared too.

In a race to rescue him, Michael stumbles into an ancient labyrinth of tunnels below the church and discovers an evil that has terrorized the town for years.

Deep underground he will face his most disturbing fears within unimaginable darkness, but will he live to reveal its secrets?