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Author of Little Lost Girl / Rick Kurtis

Rick Kurtis is a man with many talents, born in a small rural town, known as Columbus, Wisconsin. He grew up on a farm, and raised with good Christian values. He loves sun rises and long walks through nature. This gives him plenty of time to relax and think, using his extreme imagination.
He raised five children and taught Sunday school in his younger days. He always enjoys making up games or telling stories so children can learn. This led into writing his stories to share with others.
He has over 40 children’s books, 10 mid-grade and teen, along with 7 family and 3 screenplays for people to enjoy.
His other hobbies include drawing, wood working, sculpting, and making something new from discarded waste. He resides in Las Vegas, Nevada with his wife and works as a porter at McCarran International Airport and still enjoys writing with many more stories to follow.

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How would you describe your book, Little Lost Girl to a new reader?
  • I would say it is a paranormal thriller with heart pulling strings.
To what extent is Little Lost Girl based on your own experiences?
  • I have experienced ghostly phenomenon and I am a believer in the super-natural. However this came from a dream and was so vivid that when I wrote it down it flowed like water.
Little Lost Girl is a good example of this genre. Who has inspired you?
  • I am inspired by my own emotions and thoughts. My books are unique said by many readers.
You make good use of locations in the book – there’s a real sense of place. Are these locations significant for you?
  • The location is fiction, but could be anywhere in the world that has a swamp. It shows a small community attitude with a modern greed to succeed.
What advice would you give to aspiring authors?
  • Keep writing with our passion and let it flow, whether it is poetry, short stories, or a novel. 99 times of 100 your story will sit on your desk or lost in a sea of 7 million in today's market, but if you can get it published, you can hold your head up with pride and there might be a chance that You will be discovered.
Which authors do you most admire? Which qualities, in particular, have influenced your writing?
  • J.K. Rowlings comes to mind and Steven King, because they started with a dream and many set backs to dinosaur industry of rejections, and look at them now. We all just need that one right person to give us a read and see the potential.
Little Lost Girl is a thrilling read, a real page turner. How important was it to you to write with pace and energy?
  • I was compelled by the little girls innocence and how she was so easily tossed away like garbage. Also being a father myself, I had to show that other people do care, and will do anything it takes to help.
If Little Lost Girl were to be adapted for TV or film, who would you see in the lead role? Who did you have in your mind’s eye when you wrote him/her?
  • Funny thing, a few of my readers have said they think this book should be on the silver screen. I really haven't given this much thought, but Johnny Depp or even Ben Affleck would be great.
How have readers responded to Little Lost Girl?
  • They say they have cried, they were drawn in, and they felt deep emotion.
Where next? What are you working on now?
  • I have over fifty books ready to be published, and I am working on quite a few more for people to enjoy. I'm working on a third book of a three book series, and the fourth book to an open series.
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A handy man named Ben visits his brother on a job site to deliver his tools to him. While he is there he has a flash-back that he was once there years earlier. When he starts to leave, his new truck goes haywire and stalls out against a street-lamp. While he waits for a tow truck, he hears a little girl singing. Later he finds a doll in the swamp next door. The doll came to life and ran off to play. He watched in a daze and saw her run over by her own step-father, who then buried her in the swamp. He has to tell someone, so he finds a lawyer who is willing to help, but Ben is implicated in the crime and now, five years later, has to prove his innocence with only the help from this little lost girl.