Interview with Emma Sharp

Author of Sweet Pea, The Chateau series book 2

Hi I am a new indie Author who currently has three Novels published on Amazon.

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How would you describe Sweet Pea to a new reader?
  • This book is part two of the Chateau Trilogy and continues Laura's adventure in rural France as she struggles to set up a hotel and campsite in her crumbling Chateau, as well as trying to juggle the two men in her life.
What was the inspiration behind Sweet Pea ?
  • Laura's unfinished business and love live, there was so much more to tell.
Which authors do you admire?
  • I've been inspired by Fiona Valpy, Patricia Sands and Chris Harrison, to name but a few.
Can you tell us a little about the locations in your book?
  • Rural France is such a beautiful place where we have enjoyed many family holidays, there are so many lovely features from fragrant Lavender fields, spectacular gorges and fascinating villages nestled in the hills. A delight to describe.
What advice would you give to aspiring authors? How would you advise a new author about traditional publishing versus self publishing?
  • Just do it. I derive so much pleasure from writing, you live the lives of your characters so closely that they become alive in your head. Self publishing is not difficult, but I would definitely advise people that publishing the book is the easy part. Selling it is something else again..... !!
Which character in Sweet Pea has had the greatest impact on readers?
  • Without a doubt it's Laura's belligerent neighbour, Xavier. In this book he manages to permeate the chinks in her armour.
Where did you find the inspiration for your cover design?
  • A wonderful young woman, Sarah Jane Design produced the book covers for me. I had no idea where to start.
Did you have your book professionally edited?
  • Yes, although costly I thought it was necessary as it was my first attempt at writing. I have learnt so much from my editor; it's been a steep learning curve.
How have readers responded to Sweet Pea?
  • I've been thrilled by the reviews and lovely comments that I've received from my readers. "Light hearted summer read."
Where next? What are you working on now?
  • My next book is a big departure from the Chateau series, I am writing a novelette about a French Bulldog Puppy's first few months of life, seeing the world from her perspective as she settles in with her new family. This is a little autobiographical as our old staffie passed away last year and we now have a French Bulldog puppy!
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(The Chateau series book 2)
Fans of Fiona Valpy’s French for series, will love this.
Following her accident in the snow, Laura wakes up in Enzo’s bed. How did she get there? Is Enzo her ‘happy ever after? And, where is Shadow, her faithful companion? Follow her antics, as she experiences her first Christmas in the beautiful Ardeche, with exciting visits to Paris to attend the auction of some of her hidden treasures. Her struggles with builders, as the campsite is under construction and the Chateau refurbished. She also finds herself involved in an emotional court case and must deal with some eccentric guests along the way. Will the ghost of Aunt Mary make another appearance, and does Laura manage to find any information about the resistance in the war years? Read on to find out how Laura deals with her belligerent neighbour, Xavier, and much, much more!
‘Light hearted, fun, and witty, a brilliant summer read’