Interview with liam Katt

Author of Katt of Ten Tales

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Quick description of the book for a new reader - what should they expect?
  • The unexpected! If you are the type of reader who tries to work out the ending as you progress through the book, you will be very surprised.
What was The your inspiration for this book?
  • In 2000 I moved to a new area and started to visit a local pub. One of the customers was an old man who seemed to be a popular regular there. Each night another smaller man would enter the pub and spend some time observing the old man before going up to him and speaking very quietly into his ear. I am sure that their conversation was quite innocent and pleasant, but as I watched , I imagined that he was in fact saying very disturbing things to the old man. This was the inspiration for The Old Man and the Jackal, one of the ten tales.
Which authors do you admire? How have they influenced your writing style?
  • Brendan Behan who I met as a child in Dublin on occasion. I like his earthy style and his total disrespect for people who have ideas about themselves. Others include Sue Townsend who was a friend of mine. I loved her similar style of saying whatever she had to say in a very unpretentious manner.
Can you tell us a little about the locations in your book?
  • I always try to include real locations so that readers who are interested enough can find these places and visit. The tavern in The Old Man and the Jackal is The Traveler's Rest in Higher Bebington, United Kingdom. The reader can walk along the terrace of cottages mentioned in the story as well. A Shattered Life starts off in Ellesmere Port Cheshire. near where I used to live. Backwood Boy's Weekend is set in British Columbia where I live now. Loving Amey is based on a hospital situated on the North Wales Coast. No Frills is set in Croston, Lancashire UK. The Artist is based in Vienna and The Development in Wallasey, Wirral UK. The Victim centres around an area in London UK. In Laughter in Auschwitz the reader can still find the exact office where the main character worked as it survived the war.
What advice would you give to aspiring authors?
  • Never ever give up. If you have a story to tell, someone, somewhere one day will be interested in it.
Could you talk a little about your writing process?
  • First an idea forms in my mind. Then I lay out the main characters. I draw up a rough idea of a start, middle and finish. Sometimes I will add or remove characters, kill them off or let them live. Then I flesh it out . I like to keep the pace fast to keep the reader wanting to turn a page, not going off to get a beer from the fridge or a cup of tea.
Which character has had the greatest impact on readers?
  • My readers tell me that the narrator in The Old Man and the Jackal had the most impact on them. I myself liked Susie in A Shattered Life as she was loosely based on someone I once knew.
If the book were to be adapted for TV or film, who would you see in the lead role? Who did you have in your mind’s eye ?
  • Because there are ten stories, I would have to pick The Old Man and the jackal and I would like Richard Jenkins to play the role of the narrator. I would also like Guillermo Del Toro to produce and direct it.
How have readers responded ?
  • Very positively. The normal response is that they are surprised at the unpredictability of the stories. That is what I set out to achieve.
Where next? What are you working on now?
  • My next volume of short stories is That Katt Could Talk! Due out on Amazon in September.
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Ten Katt's Tales of crime, mystery, suspense, love, deception, war, betrayal, Hauntings, horror and demonic possession.

A Shattered Life

A man has been killed violently and a woman is on trial for his murder. Susie a young girl survives a life of horrific abuse. The story begins with her in the Crown Court during a murder trial and takes us back through her life and the events that eventually brought her to the courtroom.....

Backwoods Boys Weekend

Perry, Gus, Emile, Dan and Karl, five friends attempt a bonding weekend to try to repair the damage to their life long friendships caused by errors of judgement during a drunken night. For the weekend they chose a remote Canadian cabin which has its own tragic history and is going to have some more........

Grandmother's House

Karen and Charlie a couple facing unexpected financial hardship and other issues are amazed to find that he has inherited a mansion and a a considerable fortune. However their elation does not last long and dark secrets are revealed.....

Laughter in Auschwitz

Emilia young woman caught up in the Nazi regime does her best to save lives. When the regime turns on her, she finds her own life in imminent danger.....

Loving Amey

Peter is a lonely man the wrong side of fifty. Unexpectedly he finds what could be the love of his life but the circumstances are just not quite right......

No Frills

George is a sensible no nonsense, no frills man. The sort of chap any vulnerable woman would love to have looking after her. But there is a dark side to George.....

The Artist

Monique falls in love with Peter, a struggling artist. She is quite prepared to share everything with him but Peter's only love is his art. Monique is sure that one day Peter will astound people and he does, but not in the way she expects him to......

The Old Man and the Jackal

The narrator tells us of his observations on the daily lives of a strange group of characters in a small northern pub. He also hints at his own dreadful mission which torments him......

The Development

Derek survives an abusive young life to eventually become extremely wealthy. However his past suffering has made him cruel and deceitful towards others. His empire grows and his methods of making money become more evil. Then he meets a young stranger.......

The Victim

Beverly is an average girl with an above average imagination and becomes obsessed with the activities of a suspected local serial killer. Then the killer appears to take n interest in her.........