Interview with Vic Tapscott

Author of Jane Bond: Dark Side of the Moon

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So, why Jane Bond?
  • It started as kind of a joke, really. And there have been various Jane Bond's throughout James Bond's career. But Jane's name came mostly from her thoughtless parents and their fandom for James Bond. If only she'd been a boy ...
What's Jane up to this time in this sequel to "Jane Bond"?
  • Jane's time with Kit may be at an end, but there's still the leftovers of Kit's time in Chelan stuck in the huge garage under the barn.
You said this is a sequel to Jane Bond, but you also said "Kit" is gone?
  • Yes, well, it is a sequel in Jane's life, but it's not necessarily a sequel to the events in the first Jane Bond. However, they do play a large role. You don't have to read "Jane Bond" first, but it's a good idea!
Jane Bond was set in Chelan, WA, and various locations in Montana, plus all over the world. Is Jane II the same?
  • Jane Bond: Dark Side of the Moon is set in Chelan again as a base. However, it does bounce around a bit, and of course you can't have a story about the Dark Side of the Moon without there being a trip to the moon, right?
What's your favorite part of the writing process?
  • It's all interesting. It is often a grind, however, forcing yourself to work every day. It's like going to the gym, the effects don't show immediately, but the end result is amazing.
So, what makes you write?
  • NaNoWriMo is what I attribute most of my writing to. Mostly from the standpoint that I don't like to be defeated and it would be a defeat to set a goal and not achieve it.
Who's your favorite character in your books?
  • Well, the obvious answer to this is Jane Bond, but I have to say that Olive runs a close second. Who's Olive? Well, you'll just have to read the book, eh?
So, is there a sequel to "Dark Side of the Moon" in the works?
  • Oh, more than in the works, it's almost completed. It will likely hit Amazon in January of 2020.
Jane Bond is listed as science fiction/humor. But it mentions romance and mystery as well. Why?
  • The Jane Bond series, so far, has been about Jane and her adventures with either the alien pilot or with offshoots of this original alien pilot. It's science fiction, but that's mostly from the alien tech. The book is about Jane's life, and has humor, fun with friends, meaningful conversations and discussion about the meaning of life. It's a tough one to categorize.
Where next? What are you working on now?
  • Hah, glad you asked that question! Jane Bond: Asteroid Rangers is almost through the writing process. Lacey and Alex: The Dagger of Ill Repute is done and into editing. And a whole new series of mysteries called "Cinnamon Roll Capers" is on the way, along with a sequel to Lacey and Alex. And on the far horizon, another chapter in Jane's life, only with a twist.
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Jane's back in action, this time with a few new characters and a whole new adventure. Who knew what lurked on the Dark SIde of the Moon?