Welcome to New Members

Page by: Profile Editorial Team, 17/01/2020

Welcome to New Members

Hi! You're probably here because you've just signed up as an author.

Profile is a community of authors. The journey goes like this:

1. Complete your interview. This immediately gives you something to share on social media, via your blog, email blast etc. Whenever you're logged in you can navigate to your interview via the 'MY BOOKS' link. You can edit your interview at any time. You can also change the questions

2. Your interview won't go live until you upload a cover photo.

3. When your interview is live you will receive a unique URL by email. This URL earns you a Kudos point every time a visitor uses it to visit your interview. As well as your interview, visitors will also be able to see 5 others, in the same genre. This is part of our community approach - you bring in your friends, family and fans - and they become exposed to other authors

4. You can also promote articles from the front page, for additional Kudos points. Articles include celebrity author interviews and book reviews. When you're logged in there's a helpful block of text at the top of each article which says:


 Some people prefer to right-click and 'copy link address', others use the icons. It's your call. Anybody who visits the site using one of your links earns you a Kudos point

5. You can track how well you're doing with this graphic:

In this example the author has brought in 409 visitors to his/her interview and 233 visitors to the articles at the front end  of the site

6. All this activity brings new readers to your books. The more active you are in promoting your interview and the site's various articles, the more visible your book is

The most common mistake newbies make is forgetting to promote articles from the front page. This can easily double your Kudos score, resulting in your book being twice as visible on the site. The second most common issue is forgetting their Username. It's your email address.

We are constantly improving the site, so do stay in touch.

Questions? Ask via: contact@profilecritics.com



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