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Sometimes it seems as though the writing is the easy bit. Authors are expected to market themselves, which can be a pretty poor fit. Yes, some authors love the ‘celebrity’ aspects of the role, but many of us became authors because we’re nature’s introverts. Or maybe we just want a creative outlet which is very different to our day jobs. Promotion, marketing, book tours – these can be a terrible distraction from the creative process.

Profile doesn’t fix these problems, but we believe it can take some of the effort out of promotion. Profile gives authors a space to talk about their work. Better still, it’s a shared space - shared with many other authors. A reader might find your link – maybe you posted on Twitter or Facebook – and stumble on another author. Result!

Every time you promote your interview you’re also helping 5 other authors to be seen. It’s a collective enterprise.

I’m a very effective promoter – will I be subsidising ‘lazier’ authors?

That’s a fair question, and it goes to the heart of the system. If you have 10,000 followers on social media and you’re sharing your space with five authors who only have a dozen followers between them – then yes, you’d be ‘subsidising’ them. This is where the system gets smart. The number of times your interview appears on other authors’ pages is related to how many views you’ve generated yourself. The more effective you are at getting your interview out there, the more times it will be seen on other writers’ pages. Every author’s promotional activity is multiplied by six.

Do I have to pay?

That’s a true writer’s question! The answer’s in two parts:

  • At the moment- no, not a penny, and we don’t need your payment info, the name of your first pet or your mother’s maiden name
  • When the site is fully established, with a strong readership – yes, there will be a modest fee to continue being actively promoted. When we say ‘modest’ we really do mean modest – most authors earn very little from their writing, as you will know. The pricing structure isn’t finalised but our plan is to make it so small that it’s effectively a no-brainer decision

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