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Author of Daniel Peters, ace reporter; B-29 Found

Rick Kurtis is a man with many talents, born in a small rural town, known as Columbus, Wisconsin. He grew up on a farm, and raised with good Christian values. He loves sun rises and long walks through nature. This gives him plenty of time to relax and think, using his extreme imagination.
He raised five children and taught Sunday school in his younger days. He always enjoys making up games or telling stories so children can learn. This led into writing his stories to share with others.
He has over 40 children’s books, 10 mid-grade and teen, along with 7 family and 3 screenplays for people to enjoy.
His other hobbies include drawing, wood working, sculpting, and making something new from discarded waste. He resides in Las Vegas, Nevada with his wife and works as a porter at McCarran International Airport and still enjoys writing with many more stories to follow.

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How would you describe you book Daniel Peters to a new reader?
  • I would say it is filled with humor, love and romance, along with compassion, intrigue, and mystery. Then it is topped off with thrills and chills, suspense, and an overwhelming feeling.
To what extent is Daniel Peters based on your own experiences?
  • The only thing I can come up with is to believe in your dreams. The funny thing is when I thought up characters names, I wrote them down. Then when I did reach for my locations I found those names to be already there for real.
Daniel Peters is a good example of this genre. Who has inspired you?
  • This book, like a lot of mine, come out from nowhere and flow from my mind to the paper. When I went to find a similar book or author, the computer searched through millions and came back with no match. My books are unique, to say the least.
You make good use of locations in the book – there’s a real sense of place. Are these locations significant for you?
  • I picked Chicago because of its proximity to where I grew up in Columbus, Wisconsin. I wanted the hustle and bustle, but not Big, big. Korea, of course, because if fit the time line perfect instead of WWII.
What advice would you give to aspiring authors? How would you advise a new author about traditional publishing versus self publishing?
  • Believe in yourself and write down your dreams, your thoughts, your fantasy that you want to share. Never give up and get it out there among the other 7 million books and like the lotto you might be the next big author. It does no good sitting unfinished in your desk drawer.
Which authors do you most admire? Which qualities, in particular, have influenced your writing?
  • Their are quite a few, but I listen to J.K. Rowlings U-tubes, and Steven Kings advice videos, along with anything else free on the net that I can find in my spare time.
Daniel Peters, ace reporter; B-29 Found is a thrilling read, a real page turner. How important was it to you to write with pace and energy?
  • This book took no time at all and jumped to the page. Within three months it was ready for its first edit and within that year it went to print. I wrote seven pages one night and when I went back to reread them I said, "WOW! I didn't see that coming." The character took off on his own.
If Daniel Peters were to be adapted for TV or film, who would you see in the lead role? Who did you have in your mind’s eye when you wrote him/her?
  • Brad Pitt would be a good choice to draw a crowd. Other than that the character is said to resemble Stanley Blystone, my great uncle. He did bad guy parts in the old John Wayne movies.
How have readers responded to this book?
  • It came back with rave reviews. Some said they didn't want it to end, they want it to continue with more of his life, so I have a book two in the making about a cold case murder, fugitive down in a small town in Texas. Another said she fell in love with the character.
Where next? What are you working on now?
  • So far there are fifty books ready, waiting to be published and I am working right now on a few and have more for the future. With so little time and stretching in four different directions, it's hard but also very rewarding to see my books in print for people to enjoy. Happy Reading
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Daniel is a newspaper reporter in Chicago and is demoted after eight years, because he won't modernize to the new computers. He is given simple assignments that a copy boy could do, but being the ace that he is finds an underlined story that gets him deep into trouble. While he is dealing with his boss, a new relationship, his daughter, and his own life, he has a dream that repeats every night after fixing an old antique fan. The dream is about a plane that went down fifty years ago in the Korean War. With his mind filled, he writes down his dreams and begins to investigate the past. His boss places him on suspension because he was shot at because of his involvement in one of his award-winning articles. He becomes free to pursue his dream and find the missing plane, which takes him around the world to South Korea, where he meets a young English College student who helps him to find a person to smuggle him into North Korea. This proves to be very frightening, but he manages to find the plane and now has to get out with the crews dogtags, and back to America with the story of the century.