Interview with sara joy warne

Author of The Un-Way

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How would you describe "The Un-Way" to a new reader?
  • I would describe it as a whole new perspective and way to look at the afterlife. It is a thought provoking, creepy, story. It has a great heartfelt ending, and holds meaning and purpose. I look at it as my anti-suicide book.
What was the inspiration behind "The Un-Way" ?
  • It literally just came to me. I channeled the source and it wrote itself. I knew I wanted to do a Sci-fi Thriller, but the way it came together really proved it was a meant to be story.
Which authors do you admire? How have they influenced your writing style?
  • I have always loved Sylvia Plath and Edgar Allan Poe. Their morbid dread is definitely apparent in the beginning of my story. I also feel that I wanted to portray a lot of melancholy and hopelessness in the story. For the characters to run out of options and dwell in their own nightmares was the idea. I felt if they were freed from the worst possible scenarios, it would make a better ending.
What makes "The Un-Way" unique and different from other books about the afterlife?
  • This book really pushes limits for readers. I wanted to scratch the surface about topics that are almost too hard to read about let alone write about. I wanted to shock readers, and make people really identify with the characters on a personal level.
What skills or experience as a person tie into your knowledge about the afterlife in "The Un-Way?"
  • I have been a spiritual advisor and channeled spirits since childhood. That with my taste and experience in Psychology influenced me a lot while writing this book. I conveyed many experiences that I have endured and shared with many people I have helped on a spiritual level. Many of these experiences inspired ideas for the twists in "The Un-Way."
What was the writing process used during the creation of "The Un-Way?"
  • I channeled and I let my fingers do the typing. Every day I looked forward to writing this book. It thrilled me and moved me immensely as I was creating it. I would give myself the chills and begin crying and laughing out loud as I was writing it. It became my greatest accomplishment really fast.
Which character in "The Un-Way" has had the greatest impact on readers?
  • The lead female role "Jessica" is extremely determined and been through so much both in her life and her afterlife. She is a very strong character. Yet, while observing the people that have read the book and their reactions, I have found that the father "Benjamin" has a very strong impact on readers. He plays a very risque role as a Bigot child Molester. Yet his humor and transformation is extremely powerful in "The Un-Way."
What did you learn about yourself as a writer while writing "The Un-Way?"
  • It really surprised me as I wrote this book, I was experiencing memory flashbacks and epiphanies of my own. I had the recollection of many suppressed memories that had been blocked out of my conscious mind for a long time. So I suppose I learned and healed myself. So I was on a journey also, while creating the journey for the characters in "The Un-Way."
How have readers responded and reviewed "The Un-Way?"
  • I have seen many people get extremely emotional and also very edgy, while looking forward to the next chapter of the book. Many people have said it was very relatable despite how bizarre each characters story line was. On amazon every one that has read it has left great reviews and 5 stars. So it is doing well with people so far. I know it will continue to shock and enlighten people. That was the goal for sure.
Where next? What are you working on now?
  • I am working on "Return II the Un-Way." It is a sequel, that I already had in mind while ending "The Un-Way." So this book is writing itself as well. My goal is to make it just as exciting. So far I am loving writing it. It will be out to read as we welcome in 2020!
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Ever wonder what it’s like when you die? We have all heard the different stories of people seeing the light, when they pass away. What if there is a place that we never learned about, just waiting for us? What if it was possible to be trapped in the Un-Way? Join the adventure of three different lost, souls. Endure their thrilling, attempts to escape their own nightmares. Read the tale of a heart -broken girl who takes her own life. Join her Rapist Father who dies naturally. Read about her brother, who dies from an unexpected death. Every character will have to use their strengths, to break free from the Un-Way. The truth is not what it seems, and the twists in this story will keep you guessing. Death is not always the end, and the light at the end of the tunnel is not always salvation. Read this tale where time does not exist, secrets are revealed with telepathy, and worlds collide with the power of synchronicity. Confront your fears within the darkness, dwelling in the depths of Un-Way.