Interview with Sherrie Lynn

Author of A Modern Romance

The author of three series and two novels.

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How would you describe, A Modern Romance to a new reader?
  • You get three short stories plus one bonus short. This is from my freelance days and wanted to do something with the old stories that are now modern.
To what extent is, A Modern Romance based on your own experiences?
  • With each short romance I'm thinking about how a relationship might go if they follow the romance formula. I make use of the different type of men and women I've met over the years. I would love to say these are all sweet and cute but even my editor felt Tyre & The Twins was a bit edgy for a romance.
What about the short story, A Social Experiment?
  • My marketing team put a super natural spin on this story but the main character, Felicitee never claims to be the daughter of God. Within the premise of this story, it's the media who cause that story to go viral. Now, main character Ronan may think he's Gods gift to the world. lol. I would love to do a spin off for this short story or somehow connect it to the Agency in the suspense series.
How have readers responded to, A Modern Romance?
  • Readers liked getting more for their money. I should also point out that some people prefer short stories, and A Modern Romance short story collection is for those readers. So, if you read a full novel in one day, take your time with this collection.
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Three short stories plus one Bonus Short. Meet Shaleah Hart & Eddie Lancing... Eddie was her high school sweetheart but didn't work out. Now years later He is back in town. Can Shaleah & Eddie find their way back to each other? Meet Tyre & The Twins. Tyre's luck starts to change after meeting former police detective Breona Wells and her twin. Can they put their past behind them and find true love? Fashion designer Felicitee knows she is a mortal being who desires to love and be loved. Could Ronan Babtiste be that man? Say hello to Soren & Tanis, old friends attempting to sort out their friendship in a changing world. A Dialog driven, Rhyming Romance. This collection of short stories really captures the essence of romance in the modern age.