Interview with Samantha Evans

Author of Blood Brothers

My name is Samantha Evans. I am a mother to two amazing boys, and one adorable girl. I work with little ones. Writing is something I have seen as a hobby. Fantasy novels have been my favorite. So my first project is writing a series of four books, and the future is bright! Writing is my life! Something I plan to make my complete job one day!

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How would you describe <Blood Brothers to a new reader?
  • A sequel to my first book Ella. Showing a continuing story of what happened to Prince Liam, and what happened seven years after Ella ended.
What was the inspiration behind <Blood Brothers> ?
  • There was no inspiration. This is a planned series of four books. I wanted this book to be worth it to the readers to know that once they read Ella that there would be more to come.
Which authors do you admire? How have they influenced your writing style?
  • J.R.R. Tolkien is a major inspiration. Being able to create their own world and cultures. Once reading it in his books being able to picture it in your mind.
Can you tell us a little about the locations in your book?
  • It is in the same location as in the first book. But Liam got to go to a new place called Siren Isle which is where his deceased mentor was from.
What advice would you give to aspiring authors? How would you advise a new author about traditional publishing versus self publishing?
  • Take risks. If you see a story in your mind, then write it all down.
What's your writing process?
  • Writing down ideas on paper, and then have it developed into a book.
Which character in <Blood Brothers> has had the greatest impact on readers?
  • Judah does. He is the brother of a character from Ella. He is not like what the other character was. He is someone you would never guess was the brother of until you read it in the book.
If <Blood Brothers> were to be adapted for TV or film, who would you see in the lead role? Who did you have in your mind’s eye when you wrote him/her?
  • That would be up to Hollywood!
How have readers responded to <Blood Brothers>?
  • This is the first review it got from
    "Another great book by this author and the perfect continuation from the first. The characters and storyline as always kept me hooked and wondered what was coming next. Great job."
Where next? What are you working on now?
  • The third book is now at work. No release date yet. But it will be released before Summer 2020.
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Being a king for seven years, Liam believed that nothing could go wrong for him. Becoming a king, having a wife, and daughter he believed he had it all. But another adventure leads him to secrets about someone he never thought he would have to see again.