Interview with Sara Wilke

Author of Bitten Origins (Book 6)

SJ Wilke has spent a lifetime or two in the world of IT and Psychology. She’s traveled the physical world and explored the psyche of herself and those around her. She likes to create stories that make you lose time, fall into another place, and leave eality.

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Quick description of the book for a new reader - what should they expect?
  • Book 6 is a continuation of Nattie's story. As usual, it is fast. Lots happens. Lots of adventure. Nattie learns about the origins of the Viperians and finds her own power.
Where does this take place?
  • I created a fantasy world, but did incorporate features of Earth to allow people to relate to the places and situations I put my characters.
Where do you get your ideas?
  • I think of the ridiculous and the mundane, then place the characters in situations were the mundane becomes ridiculous and the ridiculous becomes common place. I look at the people and places around me for inspiration.
Who is your favorite character in the series?
  • That is a tough question. I create characters for specific needs, and some of them fit so well. Like using Harold for helping show that people come in all shapes and sizes. This showcases how different and yet, how usual, Victoria is. She is still Viperian. She's just different looking because she is blond.
How often do I write?
  • I usually write every day. It is my pastime and hobby. It also allows me to dump all the imaginative things out of my head.
Could you talk a little about your writing process?
  • Sit in lounge chair with feet up. Have cool beverage at hand. Place laptop in lap. Wait for cat to settle on my legs to keep them warm. Goof off on the internet for five hours, then write 300 words in a few minutes and call it a day.
Where is your favorite place to write?
  • Outside when it is 80F and the sun is shining.
If the book were to be adapted for TV or film, who would you see in the lead role? Who did you have in your mind’s eye ?
  • What is TV?
How have readers responded ?
  • This is everyone's favorite series. This is my best seller. I had fun creating these books because there are no rules. Anything goes.
Is this the last book in the series.
  • A short while ago, the answer was yes. But only because I lost touch with my cover maker. He created original paintings for all the covers. Now that he's back and fans are asking, there will be a book 7.
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Nattie, patiently waiting for Uri to complete the remodeling of their house, hopes to spend time with her new best friend, Rene. However, the arrival of a man from South America changes all that. And Nattie finds herself on a journey with Uri, their two daughters, Victoria and Matilda, his mother, Rayna, his sister, Tia, and her daughter, Theresa. The journey throws her into the history and parts of the volatile Viperian past. But the true discover is what Nattie finds what she can do. The journey pushes Nattie to new achievements and growth as she realizes her full potential.