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I'm a recently retired ATF Special Agent with 26 years of federal law enforcement, and now I'm a writer with close to 40 books published on Amazon including my autobiography ATF UNDERCOVER detailing my dangerous undercover cases with repeat violent offenders, gang members, international firearms traffickers, armed drug dealers and so much more. All my books are free Kindle Unlimited Subscribers from fiction to non-fiction including travel books. I've also been a guest on numerous podcast shows discussing my books, politics, organized crime, law enforcement and other topics.

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Why did you write this book?
  • I wanted to show how problematic mass shootings are in the United States and wanted to offer some solutions that might mitigate mass casualties from these shooters.
Is gun control the solution?
  • I do not believe we need more gun control but there need to be more armed professionals at schools and other public venues while giving teachers and other faculty members the choice to arm themselves in order to protect their students and themselves from a crazed gunman.
Will mass shootings ever go away?
  • Most likely not but many things can be done to minimize the death toll from these horrific attacks.
Should Congress ban assault rifles?
  • No, it did not work in the nineties and will not work today since the pre-bans would still be legal and there are work arounds to keep these rifles legal on the market.
Are there any other programs that can prevent this from happening again?
  • Yes, I believe we have a mental health crisis and there are things that need to be done to address these problems including early intervention by teachers, family members and friends while also monitoring social media sites.
What can schools do right now to make students and teachers feel safer?
  • Public resource officers at every school while giving teachers the opportunity to arm themselves similarly to what happened after 9/11when pilots volunteered to carry firearms in cockpit to protect themselves and their passengers.
Have you written other books?
  • Yes, I have written 40 books and counting from fiction to non-fiction including my autobiography ATF UNDERCOVER detailing my dangerous cases with repeat violent offenders, gang members, international firearms traffickers, armed drug dealers and so much more.
What other topics have you written about?
  • I have written about organized crime syndicates, politics, corrupt tyrants around the world, sports fiction, travel and even kids' book that my ten year old daughter collaborated with me.
How many more books do you want write?
  • I would like to write for years to come and continue doing podcast shows talking the books I have written and my background in federal law enforcement.
What's your next book?
  • I just finished a book titled "L.A. Mobsters" about the Los Angeles Crime Family writing about the rise and fall of the Mafia in the City of Angeles.
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America has had countless mass shootings resulting in deaths of innocent civilians including young children that were senselessly murdered by mad gunmen who suffered from some mental health disorders and decided to take it out on the most vulnerable. Mass shootings have been occurring in the United States for decades and need to be stopped before things get even worse. The list is so extensive with Columbine, Virginia Tech, Sandy Hooke, Aurora, Las Vegas, Orlando, Parkland, Buffalo, Robb elementary school in Texas and so many others.
There is no silver bullet to stop these heinous acts from reoccurring but there are certain things society can do to minimize the loss of life from one of these tragic incidents. At large public venues like schools, shopping centers, movie theatres, hospitals, concerts and other congested areas there has to be trained armed professionals on site in these locations to respond immediately to stop an active shooter. Police response could be slow with the shooter killing as many people as he can with no one stopping the mass killings.
Gun control is not the solution and might make things worse by not allowing the average citizen to defend their families or themselves from a craze gunman. The only wat to stop a massacre is with strength and superior fire power neutralizing the threat immediately allowing private citizens to carry firearms in all public locations. Many in the U.S. are former military, law enforcement, or are proficient with weapons that should allowed to be armed in these venues. If you look at states or cities that have strict gun restrictions, violent crime is the highest with civilians being victimized the most by criminals and gang members. There are no easy solutions and as a retired ATF Special Agent with 26 years of federal law enforcement banning firearms will only lead to bigger and worse mass shootings making the public extremely vulnerable. The firearm is a shield and without the shield more casualties will happen. These are some of worse mass shooting in America and what we can learn from them.