Interview with Ignacio J. Esteban

Author of Winning Wimbledon Against All Odds

I'm a recently retired ATF Special Agent with 26 years of federal law enforcement, and now I'm a writer with close to 40 books published on Amazon including my autobiography ATF UNDERCOVER detailing my dangerous undercover cases with repeat violent offenders, gang members, international firearms traffickers, armed drug dealers and so much more. All my books are free Kindle Unlimited Subscribers from fiction to non-fiction including travel books. I've also been a guest on numerous podcast shows discussing my books, politics, organized crime, law enforcement and other topics.

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Why did you write this novel?
  • I love tennis and played the sport since my junior years and played #1 position at the University I graduated from. I wanted to write an inspiration story combining the sport and overcoming great challenges. Thus came about my novel.
Who is your main character in the novel?
  • Luis Diaz is collegiate athlete that suffers a devastating injury in the NCAA Final in Orlando, Florida and thinks he might never play the sport again. He finds motivation to play again after taking some time and making some career changes.
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Winning Wimbledon, Against All Odds is novel about a young American overcoming major obstacles and hurdles to win Wimbledon, the tennis championships as a qualifier. The book is a fantastic read about tennis, persistence and the challenges life offers.