Interview with Dr Chandra Shekhar Bhatt

Author of Who Am I?: Enquiry into self.. shekhropanishad

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Extracts from the book Who am I ? philosophical talks between Dr Chandra Shekhar Bhatt and his father Pundit Tarashrikrishna Bhatt in the form of svetaketu UpanishadShekhar Tell me about reincarnation and your masters way about renunciation. When I had told you about mother’s love. You told me about unearthly love, explain me about this love.PitajiHere is the dialogue from Hindu scriptures to explain reincarnation. Between king and the learnt man Bhanto Nagasena, does rebirth takes place without anything transmigrating or passing over?Yes your majesty, a man were light a light from another light, pray, would the one light have passed over (transmigrated) to the other light?No, verily BhantoIn exactly the same way, Your Majesty does rebirth takes place without anything transmigratingGive another illustrationDo you remember, Your Majesty, having learnt, when you were a boy, some verse or other from your professor of poetry?Yes BhantoPray, Your Majesty. Did the verse pass over (transmigrate) to you from your teacher?No, verily, BhantoIn exactly the same way, your Majesty does rebirth take place without anything transmigrating.Bhanto Nagasena, said the king, what it is that is born into the next existence.Your Majesty, said the elder. It is name and form that is born into the newExistence.My master never advocates the path of renunciation he says you live in the world, perform all the worldly duties yet try to remain detached.Within these karmic entanglements we have to find our way for knowing who we are.