Interview with Sherrie Lynn

Author of In Too Deep

The author of three series and two novels.

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How would you describe In Too Deep to a new reader?
  • Two veteran international spies, can't see having a serious relationship, especially when one of them is on a mission to find out who is behind the Agency, and what they discover while on vacation. In Too Deep is one of three in the Modern Romance Suspense series. Each book stand alone.
To what extent is In Too Deep based on your own experiences?
  • I was ready for a cruise when I started this book, plus I like the idea of a romance taking place off land for a change.
Why a novella?
  • After two novels I was ready for something shorter.
Who is the Agency?
  • Good question. The reader will learn more about the Agency with each romance story. Of course the romance is the important part lol. Readers can leave it up to their imagination.
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Former co-workers, Kess Avers, and Javen Hunts vacation was supposed to be about unfinished business, like their reluctance to get close to anyone, including each other. When a fierce storm hit, the ‘Agents’ must work together to handle unexpected events. Can two love struck, international spies escape the clutches of their organization and have the chance to live a normal life? This story will evoke a range of emotions.