Interview with Ashis Chirgun

Author of When A Girl Meets A Guy

Never in his wildest dream had I planned to become an Author rather always wanted to be something else, but in the book industry? As they say, everything is pre-planned by destiny and it is inescapable. For my entire life, I never craved to get attention or limelight, but my hidden talent eventually gave me the best opportunity to cement a name for myself. This special creation in the form of a book is proof that if someone determines to achieve something nothing can stop him/her from accomplishing it.

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What was the Inspiration behind writing 'When a girl meets a guy' book?
  • I got the inspiration from a real-life incident of an actress who is the female protagonist of my story while watching her heartbreaking interview on youtube. The male protagonist who happens to be a reporter is purely fictional.
What is the best thing about 'When a girl meets a guy'?
  • You can relate to the characters, in fact you can relate to the supporting characters. After reading it, you may ask yourself, yes I Have one friend like him/her.
Why should I read 'When a girl meets a guy'?
  • In the time of rat racing where no one trusts the opposite and no one has the guts or time to love someone from the core of their heart, this book will restore your faith in unconditional love.
Can you tell us about the origin of your book?
  • India
What would be the only thing you wish you could correct if you get one more chance with 'When a girl meets a guy'?
  • If I could get a chance I would add some more pages to my book.
What is the moral of your story?
  • Injustice is inequality.
Which character do you think can impact its readers, the male or the female?
  • I think the female lead can be more impactful or may change your thinking process since she is fighting from the beginning to the end.
Do you think it can made a great web series?
  • It has everything to be made on television if readers would want to see on screen.
Is it an exceptional romantic love story that we are going to read?
  • Nope, its not an exceptional love story but it has more depth, feelings, emotions, caring and selflessness.
Do you have any other upcoming book or project?
  • Yeah, this is my first romantic fiction as an author and my next project based on a historical fiction war fantasy love story called 'Prince of Aryavrat', A dawn in the darkness is releasing in the month of April 2020. This will be the first book of Aryavrat series.
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