Interview with erik shein

Author of Thunder an Elephants Journey

Erik Daniel Shein was born Erik Daniel Stoops, November 18th 1966 in Cleveland Ohio He is an American writer, Visionary, philanthropist, Pet enthusiast and Animal health advocate . He started is writing career with Sterling

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  • Thunder: An Elephant’s Journey, a middle-grade chapter book, is the first book in the four-book series. It tells the story of a young elephant who is ripped from the only world he knows when poachers invade his quiet sanctuary. The journey invokes a thoughtful cognizance of Thunder’s world and the challenges he faces. The lessons woven into his story reinforce the importance of preserving and protecting the elephants impacted by the illegal ivory trade.
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Have you met Thunder yet? A new adorable elephant hero that everyone’s falling in love with.

From the moment Thunder took his first step, it was clear that his footsteps would make quite an impression on the world around him.

The tiny elephant’s life was pretty much perfect until one fateful night when poachers crept into it. In the cloak of darkness, they sprang on his herd separating him from his mother and the rest of the African pygmy herd. After a harrowing escape, Thunder must dig deep inside to find the courage to find his way home. With helpful friends and the watchful eye of the Great Tusker in the sky, Thunder’s journey is the adventure of a lifetime.