Interview with Latrivette Williams

Author of PUSH: Manifesting Your God-Given Potential

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How would you describe PUSH: Manifesting Your God-Given Potential to a new reader?
  • PUSH: Manifesting Your God-Given Potential is relatable, you can feel the authors genuineness of wanting readers to succeed and for them to be true to who they are. This book is very encouraging, simple and yet profound. It delivers biblical principles and insight on how to manifest your God-Given potential. The book deals with topics that any person may have or is dealing with as they are on their journey of releasing untapped potential. This book leaves with you the impression that you are the only person that’s holding you back but by the same token it also tells you in a unique way just how you can turn things around.
What was the inspiration behind PUSH: Manifesting Your God-Given Potential ?
  • As a Christian and being a Christian author and Life Coach, I understand the importance and power of uplifting. As a human, I understand the need to be uplifted and as someone who once sat down on my potential because of fear and lack of understanding, I understood the need to help others because someone helped me. The things that are written in this book are things that I’ve at some point experienced and have learned from. I wanted to help others, I believed that I could and so I did.
Which authors do you admire? How have they influenced your writing style?
  • Authors that I admire, so many to name but I’ll mention a few. I enjoy reading books by: the late Dr. Wayne Dyer, Joyce Myers, Joseph Prince, Andrew Wommack, Lisa Nichols, & Napoleon Hill. I absolutely love books that have a teaching style, in fact, majority of the books that are in my library are teaching style books which is what inspired my writing style.
Who would you say this would be a good for?
  • PUSH: Manifesting Your God-Given Potential is a great book for those who are aspiring to make the make the most of their lives and for those who are in between the idea of remaining where they are or deciding to propel their life forward. This book like any book cannot decide the course of your life for you, but like any good book it will give compelling reasons as to why you should make a better or even greater life for yourself. It will without a doubt; uplift, inspire, enlighten, and motivate you to move your life to the next level.
What advice would you give to aspiring authors? How would you advise a new author about traditional publishing versus self publishing?
  • My advice to an inspiring author is to write about what interest you and you’ll always be inspired and you’ll always be inspired to continue to give the world great books. It doesn’t matter if everyone is writing about that particular thing, no one is exactly the same and therefore no one can write your story exactly like you. I encourage you to be you and to remain true to who that is. I am a self-published author and don’t know anyone personally that have gone with traditional publishing companies, I will say that both have there pros and cons like most things in life. Be careful to research both, ask God for guidance before making your decision of what is best for you.
What's your writing process?
  • I write my material down on a tablet first, nothing expensive just a cheap notebook. I usually write with an ink pen but there are usually a lot of marks and arrows and reminders on my papers once I’m done. I wouldn’t expect anyone to follow it once I’m done because it’s usually very messy. I also like warm atmospheres because i write better when I'm not trying to keep warm. My best place to write is outdoors. Once I have a finished manuscript, I then transfer it to my laptop and usually there are more rounds of self-editing done before I feel comfortable letting allowing others to read over my work. I then sometimes print and have others to share their opinions before I make my next move.
Which chapter of PUSH: Manifesting Your God-Given Potential do you think has had the greatest impact on readers?
  • There is a chapter in the book titled “When Things Get Hard You Mustn’t Quit” and this chapter is broken down into subtitles but the opening of the chapter focuses specifically on how to overcome the "inner me" while facing very adverse times in your life. It points out the things that may not have been obvious before like the things we say to ourselves while going through. Or how quick we are to relinquish our fortitude in challenging times. It reminds us of the power we have within and gives us courage to fight the good fight of faith.
Is PUSH: Manifesting Your God-Given Potential for children?
  • This will be a great book for teenagers and up, and I say teenagers because they are at the age of wanting more independence and are being mentally prepared to make a life of their own in a few years. However, there is no age restrictions, you can judge for yourself by maturity if this book is good choice for ages under thirteen.
How have readers responded to PUSH: Manifesting Your God-Given Potential?
  • Readers have had nothing but good things to say about the book. They have spoken words like: inspiring, motivational, helpful, great perspective, & touching. They are super glad that it’s a rather short book and that they are able to finish it and still meet the demands of their day to day activities. They have even inquired as to when would I be writing more.
Where next? What are you working on now?
  • I am now currently working on another book and I am working to have that published before the year 2020 is out. My goal is to give my readers more great content that will inspire and enlighten them.
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When a woman is ready to deliver, she only wants to hear one word, push. PUSH is for that person who is ready to deliver their gift to the world. In this very short yet powerful book, you'll learn that every day brings newness of life. You'll be encouraged not to wait on anyone to make changes in your life or make your dreams a reality. When things are hard and you want to quit, you'll be encouraged to persist until what you desire to see happen, happens. This book empowers you through scriptural teaching, to live the life of your God given design. Take a leap of faith, and push yourself into greatness.