Interview with Jutta Kopp

Author of Horseback riding for Kids - A small introduction into riding lessons for the youngest among horseback riding enthusiasts and interested parents

Jutta Kopp is an author and photoshop tinkerer. She loves to create her own book covers and artwork related to her books. She also creates her own music, just for fun! Born to a Korean mother and a German father she is bilingual and fluent in English and German. She also speaks Korean and Japanese and a little French. Besides being an author she works as a health advisor and instructor for horseback riding and hippotherapy. Of course, horses are still her passion but she is also well versed in martial arts and just loves anything that has to do with the paranormal.

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How would you describe Horseback riding for Kids to a new reader?
  • It´s mainly a guide book with funny little, interactive puzzles and games to make the book interesting for the little ones.
What was the inspiration behind Horseback riding for Kids ?
  • During my work as a horseback riding instructor I encountered a lot of parents who never had anything to do with horses before. And since there was never enough time to explain everything in detail,I thought a book to prepare parents and their children for the very first riding lesson would be useful.
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Riding lessons for the very young at the age of 4-6 years are offered by many horseback riding schools today.
This book is meant to be a small guide for parents to help prepare their children and themselves for the very first English-style riding lesson.
Therefore, the book is also ideal for parents who have never dealt with horses themselves.
Together, you and your child can get a small overview here.

I would like to provide information for parents and at the same time show children in a playful and age-appropriate way, to work with horses and of course, also give a little insight into riding lessons.

This book has been written with the intent to read through the chapters with your child and to step by step work your way through the topics together.

Funny little, interactive puzzles and games make the book interesting for the little ones.