Interview with Dr Chandra Shekhar Bhatt

Author of Tao of Electricity: From subatomic particles journey towards unknown

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Traveling in “vijaydoot” the name of a product carrier ship, when we entered at Bengal harbor at Netaji Subhash dock going through the river seeing the greenness and people over there, years had passed after British invasion and industrial revolution but the greenness still remains, children’s playing, small huts people living in, still the beauty remains. The soul is there.But there in France when we were heading to Rouen, going from the river the same conditions prevailing, lands water greenery but more sophisticated. At France I was thinking with all modern amenities there is something missing later on I realized it was soul light of soulDue to the effects of wars and invasions resulting poverty the houses are small huts in Calcutta harbor, but advanced houses or huts with glassed doors the cars parked outside everything looking attractive at France.As we enter inside the houses became more prominent, the technology was superb, but at what cost of humanity and colonial extractionOne side of the world had lost to poverty the other side is growing; it takes me back to the time when people from distant part used to come to India to learn at NALANDA and various books had been written on appreciation on the technology.They were doing surgery also at Nalanda but only if there wasn’t any other alternative, they believed in being with the nature, using natural herbs as medicine preparing it in natural way and being aware about all the herbs and plants and trees, talking with them, there were mantras being used at the time of breaking leaves or even wood from the trees, they used to request the plant and pray that we are taking it for the medicine or for prayer.There were even times fixed for breaking leaves one has to go through the descriptive calculated calendars as per astrology and astronomy. I used to discuss these things with my friends Unni, Mathews, thawal and my Chinese friend Yu Chu. of Electricity is a journey towards unknown from material to metaphysics