Interview with Dr Chandra Shekhar Bhatt

Author of VAJRAMUKTI Tao of Holistic healing for Ageless body Timeless Mind: Tao of holistic healing for Ageless body and Timeless mind

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VAJRAMUKTI TAO OF HOLISTIC HEALING THROUGH ALERNATIVE MEDICINE QUANTUM OF YOGA MEDITATION AND MARTIAL ARTS IN ESSENCE FOR TRANCENDING INDIVIDUALS TO AGELESS BODY AND GRACIOUS AGING CASE STUDY This simple technique helped me when some kind of evil effect I was passing through.I found myself falling short of breath.Some people who do evil practices can send such vibes. I practiced the same simple technique and increased my awareness.I was cured.One businessman with the similar problem went to United states for getting cured.But none could understand his problem of breathless- -ness.I worked with him for few sessions and he was cured.