How Do I Promote My Book?

Page by: Book marketing, 22/05/2022

How do I promote my book?

Now that you’ve written and published your book – whether trad publishing or self publishing – you might think that the hard work’s done. Sorry to disappoint! Reaching the eyeballs of your readers requires promotion. With a trad publisher you can expect a lot of help and guidance – but you’ll still need to work hard on your social media presence, attend book signings and generally put yourself out there.

If you have self-published, all of the marketing work falls on your shoulders. But you’re not alone! There are some great companies and organisations out there offering a range of paid-for and free services.

Top 5 book promotion sites


1. Profile – best free option

Profile is an ezine which blends interviews with bestselling authors and self-published authors alike. Your book’s presence is determined by how many visitors you bring to the site – effectively, it’s a way for authors to work together to promote one another.

It’s also a great place for your book to appear.


2. Freebooksy

Freebooksy used to be all about free books, but these days they also provide promotions for paid books as long as they’re $4.99 or less (though, realistically, you’ll be selling your ebook at $0.99 as its promo price if you want to achieve sales)


3. Bargain Booksy

Bargain Booksy provide a similar service, promoting your discounted book to their 352,000 registered readers. Each promotion includes a post on the Bargain Booksy homepage that includes your book cover and a short description, placement in our daily email, and promotion on social media outlets.


4. Red Feather Romance

Covering Steamy Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense, Paranormal Romance, Erotic Romance, Sweet Romance and Historical Romance, Red Feather provides promotions for free and  $0.99 books to more than 150,000 readers.


5. BookBub

Easily the most expensive promotional option, and with strict entry criteria which might mean that you struggle to have your book accepted.

That said, many authors praise BookBub’s effectiveness when they’re finally able to promote a book through the channel, so worth a try.

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