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Page by: Profile Admin, 07/03/2020

Help another author (and yourself)

You might have noticed your Kudos score – it looks like this:

This score is really important – it determines how often your book appears on the site.

The first number (361 in this example) is how many times your interview has been seen in the past 30 days

The second number (198) is how many times people have visited articles, interviews etc on the front end of the site. If your second figure is zero then you could be doing a lot more to bring visitors in – and to promote your own work

Try visiting these pages:

(There are many more, but these give you somewhere to start)

Visit a page, and look for the link near the top. It looks like this:

You can either right click and copy the link address – then paste it into your blog, social media etc – or you can use the social media buttons. Either way, whenever a visitor uses the link to visit that page, your Kudos score goes up and your books become more visible on the site.

It helps us all – every author on the site benefits from increased exposure, and you benefit personally from greater prominence for your books.

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