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People Power

We Are Bellingcat describes the genesis of a remarkable intelligence-gathering organisation

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Poverty Safari

Poverty Safari is the rarest of books - written by somebody who's been there and not only survived the experience but managed to extract deep insights from it.

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An Ode to Soil

George Monbiot's latest book provides a radical solution to the twin challenges of ecological destruction and food production

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The Secret Barrister

The Secret Barrister lays bare the many failings in criminal justice in England & Wales. An insider's view from a barrister whose anonymity is a small price to pay for such candour

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Communing with Homer

The Mighty Dead and The Silence of the Girls shed new light on Homer and the warrior cultures of the Bronze Age. The Mighty Dead is non-fiction yet highly personal, the Silence of the Girls pure fiction and yet brilliantly enlightening. Two highly recommended books for the Homer fan.

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