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Ian W Sainsbury on embracing a new genre

Ian W Sainsbury is best known for his science fiction books, so The Picture On The Fridge - which won the £20k Kindle Storyteller Award 2019 - is a debut psychological thriller from an experienced hand.

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Natalie Barelli on Domestic Noir

Natalie Barelli writes psychological thrillers, domestic noir with a touch of dark humour. She speaks to Profile about domestic noir and thriller writing

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On Writing Historical Fiction

Bernard Cornwell is one of our best-loved - and most widely adapted - historical fiction writers. He shares some insights into the writing process which has given us Sharpe and The Last Kingdom, among many, many other well loved tales.

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Meet a Real-Life Spy!

John Braddock was a case officer at the CIA. He talks to Profile about sharing his case experience with the wider world.

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Gilly Macmillan

Gilly Macmillan is a bestseller across the globe. Her suspenseful crime novels have been translated into over 20 languages.

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Meet Kevin Wignall

Kevin Wignall is a British thriller writer whose books have successfully made the transition to Hollywood movies. Since his first published novel - People Die (2001) – Kevin has been a full-time writer.

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Thomas Scott

Author of the Virgil Jones Mystery Series shares his views on writing, life and staring at a blank screen

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